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Volunteer, Just Cause

Many summers ago, I had to walk up the street to a neighboring headstart school. The sun beamed on me and I dreaded that sweaty walk in the morning just to do one thing: volunteer

My high school was a boarding school that required us to complete community service hours. Each year, I waited the longest I could to complete my hours and had to finish them up in the summer. 

I remember asking my parents why the heck I had to volunteer, their usual response was to the effect of “just cause.” 

Fast forward to today, I cannot shake off volunteering and spending a portion of my free time dedicated to volunteering. The reason is, I now see the cause. 

 Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Volunteering gives us an amazing chance to influence the life of others and, in turn, effect our own life. We learn, as well as teach. We help, as well as benefit. 

Essentially, volunteering gives us a chance to leave behind our imprint on our communities, societies, and passions. Now, that we talked about the why let’s talk about the how. 

It is impossible to volunteer for every single cause. It is unrealistic to think we can impact every single organization. However, we can look at where our passions lie. 

For me, my passions are health, fitness, mental health, and mental illness. 

Last year, I volunteered in a year-long program with AHRCNYC to be a partner for someone with a developmental disability. We met once a month, spoke about health and fitness, and now are personal Facebook friends. 

This year, I am applying to another non-profit dear to my heart, Pretty Girls Sweat. Their Teen Diaries Foundation is dedicated to encouraging girls and young women to leading healthy and active lifestyles. 

Why I share this is to encourage us all to look for how we can integrate volunteering to our lives. Our passions are easy ways to start. 

The activities, hobbies, and sports that we love to do are opportunities to share, grow, and benefit others. 

Last week, I challenged us saying yes to loving. How about we take it a bit further and say yes to volunteering? 

Let’s volunteer, just cause. Just cause we want to help others. Just cause we want to share our gifts Just cause we want to benefit our community. 

Just cause we are the people who believe that we can make a difference. Have a great week all and below are three websites to find volunteering near you based on your passion! 


Volunteer Websites: 

Corporation for National and Community Service


Hands On Network 

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