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Say Yes to Love

We all have busy lives that we must attend to. We all have commitments, appointments, assignments, employments, and the list goes on.

We tend to forget to spread love. Love has many definitions, yet the one chosen today is a “friendly form of address.”

We address others in either a warm, friendly way or a cold, unfriendly way. Let’s talk about three easy manners we can integrate into our loving lifestyles. 

Share a smile. A smile is a wonderful tool for brightening another person’s day. Simply lifting up the corners of our mouths and showing our teeth in a grin has such a huge impact. 

Smiling releases feel-happy neutrotransmitters (dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin) to the brain. Essentially, these chemical vehicles drive messages that relax the body, lower the heart rate, and relieve pain. 

When someone smiles at us, don’t we just have to smile back? When we smile back, we are receiving all of those benefits. Why not share that with others? 

Pay a compliment. “That lip color looks good on you!” “Did you get a hair cut? It looks so good!” “You are such a great listener!”

Whoever says they don’t like compliments is a liar. Yeah, I said it. Receiving a compliment feels good, even if we don’t know how to respond. 

Paying a compliment to someone else feels even better. When we genuinely like something on someone, or what someone did, or a quality they have, we should let them know. It makes their day even brighter.

Open & hold the door. Doing this for someone is a sign of respect. It shows that we think of them enough to give a moment of consideration. 

In a busy city, getting a door held open is rare. But when it happens, it’s wonderful. It’s a gentle reminder that someone sees us and believes we matter. 

When we open and hold doors in our workplaces, communities, and gyms, we are letting people know that they are important. And that feels so good, especially on a bad day. 

Say Yes. Do we say yes to love and sharing it with others? If so, let’s work on it this week! 

We can all use some love, and it’s an even better experience to share it. 


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