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Friends Who Eat Together…

This Food Friday is a little different. This will not be a focus on a restaurant or food, but on the way that food brings people, specifically friends together. 

Friends who eat together stay together. Sharing a meal with someone is amongst one of the most intimate ways of sealing a friendship. 

When we take the time to schedule dining with a friend, there is something that says that you value them. This past weekend confirmed my thoughts on this. 

Completing my first 5K (will share more on next week) with a friend of mine was so incredible. We pushed and motivated one another to reach our destination, even in 31.26 minutes!

Not only that, but another friend drove down from Queens to Brooklyn just to see me make it at the end of the race. With the feels of having both of these friends, I knew I had to offer we all grab lunch. 

Lunching at one of my favorite places with these girls was amazing. Our table was full of awesome jokes, convos, and foods. 

We shared our stories. We shared our ideas. We shared our dishes. Our experience made me really think. 

 Photo taken at Left Bank Burger Bar in Jersey City

Photo taken at Left Bank Burger Bar in Jersey City

Eating with other people is a sign of our trust in them. 

We can trust them to not skip out on the bill. We can trust them not to judge us with our mouths full of food. We can even trust them enough to share a portion of our food. 

Ultimately, we trust them at a moment where we are our primal selves. When we are feeding ourselves, we have our guards down. 

It’s heavy to share something like that with someone else! Even if we don’t realize it, food is an opportunity to form and nurture relationships. 

For Food Friday, I would like to challenge us all to dine with a friend that we are already close with or want to grow closer with.

Let’s schedule ahead and tell a friend that we want to spend time with them over coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, whatever it is that means consuming food together. 


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