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Tips to Get and Stay Motivated Part III.

Another Workout Wednesday is here! From waking up to a plan to ditching what’s not fun, we are on the third round of tips to getting and staying motivated in our fitness journeys. 

The next round of tips are all necessities in the process. We cannot get far at all without implementing them, Well, let’s get straight to them! 

7. Say Yes before No

If we said yes every time we said no, how different would our lifestyles be? 

Would we have gone to that yoga class? Would we have ran that 5K race? Would we have boxed in that new gym? 

Saying yes is a challenge all by itself, especially with fitness. We become so used to our routines, our instructors, our classes, that we do not want to branch out. 

However, saying yes to something new can propel us forward. For example, I reluctantly said yes this past June to SoulCycle’s Turn it Up 20.

I love SoulCycle. Their classes are certainly a party on a bike, but with a hangover that is not in the head but all over your thighs and butt. 

That being said, they have challenges of completing 20 rides in 30 days. If anyone has taken a SoulCycle class, they know this is no joke. 


You are challenged in every fiber of your being to sit your ass down on the bike, however every beat of the music and word from the instructor keeps you going. Imagine repeating that 20 times a month. 

When I first received their promotion email for it, I said hell no. That’s crazy. I had a hard enough time going twice a week and feeling my legs afterwards.

But there was something that said yes. Something deep, deep inside said give this a try. If you don’t complete all 20 rides, guess what? At least you said, yes. 

In July, I completed the challenge. That being said, if I didn’t say yes to that experience, I would have never known how strong and kickass I am.   

Not saying we all have to do a SoulCycle challenge (whew), but the main thing is being willing to try something new! 

If we have a tiny voice inside of us in our fitness journeys that say we should try that instructor, go to that class, or complete that challenge, let’s say yes! 

Saying yes gets us even closer to our goals and our intentions. It also gets us saying yes every time to staying motivated. 

8. Encourage Others 

We are being watched. Not in a creepy way, but in the way that we are influence others more than we know. 

When we think no one is looking, someone definitely is. Someone out there is inspired by us, encouraged by us, and in awe of us. That’s definitely a way to stay motivated! 

Being an inspiration to someone else can be as beneficial for them as it is for us. It gives us confidence to continue on our journeys. 

When I first started in fitness, I asked so many questions and relied on the encouragement of other athletes, yogis, and much more. Without any of those people, I would not be where I am now. 

They took the time to answer my questions about classes, workouts, and gyms. They made themselves available to each and every question. 

Now, I want to share with as many people as possible and writing a series of blog posts on how to motivate ourselves! This is all due to how much I want to share the encouragement I was given. 

Also, let’s be honest, we act a little different when we know that our actions are responsible for motivating someone else. The joy is knowing that we can motivate others just as much as we motivate ourselves. 

9. Create a Motto or Mantra

This tip really expands on #6 from last week, which was not sweating ourselves. We can take it a step further and make that tip actionable.

Being kind to ourselves in our fitness journeys is key. Another key is telling ourself kind words in the form of mottos and mantras. 

There’s so many things we can say to ourselves to motivate ourselves in our hard workouts, schedules, and routines: 

I am strong.

I am a warrior. 

I can do this plank (I say this one a lot). 

I am on my way to my goal.

There are short mantras but we maybe we need to say more to ourselves. 

My mantra of self, soul, sport stands for more. Whenever I am not motivated or down, I tell myself: 

I fully embrace myself. I fully nurture my soul. I fully engage in sport. I will dedicate myself to my self love, soul journey and sporty lifestyle. 

This is something I usually say when I am on my last mile, when I am on my last interval, or when I am on my last flow. 

Whatever it is we need to tell ourselves, let’s say it. Write it down and crush it. 

These tips shared are ones we can take instantly into practice. All are important, but the one that can be used right away is creating a motto. 

When we aren’t kind to ourselves, we cannot possibly be kind to others or say yes to new opportunities. We will always come up with an excuse or talk ourselves out of it. 

Let’s create or fine-tune our mantras! Are you guys enjoying them? I really hope so and cannot wait to share the last round of tips next week 🙂


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