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Burn Baby Burn

Be ready if you sign up for BuddhaBurn NYC. Every muscle possible will burn in the best way. 

Last week, Christine and Jess contacted me on Instagram to try out their class along with a friend. The invitation really took me by surprise and I was so humbled that they reached out! 

In my true fashion, I researched BuddhaBurn and saw that their classes integrated both vinyasa yoga and HIIT (which I mentioned how much I love). Christine, a Certified Personal Trainer and Jess, a 200hr RYT, both teach the same class and fuse their certifications to make a workout. 

I was super excited about this as I never have been to such a class. I knew I had to go as soon as possible. 

This past Tuesday, I went to their 8PM hour-long class held at The Movement in the Flatiron District. I also have never been to the studio and it was so nice to be welcomed by a street sign with a positive message. 

The attendants were also so sweet, handed me a waiver, and directed me to the lockers. While I waited, my friend and I made guesses on what was to come. 

Little did we know, we were about to be introduced to an awesome workout hosted by both Christine and Jess. There were two other people waiting with us, making four total in the class.

When we came in, we had our mats set up with blocks next to it. Jess started us off with a warm up yoga sequence that I was familiar with as a yoga teacher in training.

Then, all of a sudden, Christine cranked up the hype music and we went into intervals. WHOA! My ass was kicked by Christine’s short interval guys.

I am not going to lie… I did a BBG LISS and was not ready for the burn. It was a struggle getting through the first circuit, but I pushed through it. My friend was rocking it though! 

Afterwards, the music switched to a slower tempo, and Jess led us through a vinyasa flow to lower our heart rates, as well as gear us up for the next circuit.

The circuits focused on different body parts, such as legs, abs, and arms. Eventually, I got the hang of it and performed better even though I did not do my best post-BBG. 

All that aside, I LOVED IT! The flow and structure of the class, as well as the energy between both instructors, made so much sense and worked so well. 

Christine was super motivating in her instructions and such a powerhouse to watch demonstrate each circuit. Jess was super relaxing, hands-on, and offered demonstrations/adjustments for each posture. 

Needless to say, I am planning on going to another class sometime this month. If you are looking for an absolute total-body workout and you are located in NYC, you have to give BuddhaBurn a try! 

So thankful for them reaching out to me because I am definitely going to make it a point to be back. Buddha Burn definitely sticks true to its name! 

 Jess, Me, and Christine (Jess and I broke out the yoga pose while Christine flexed the muscles she had us workout!) 

Jess, Me, and Christine (Jess and I broke out the yoga pose while Christine flexed the muscles she had us workout!) 

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