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LumiTea is My Cup of Tea

Are there any tea drinkers out there? Or anyone who wants to experiment and try incorporating tea into their lifestyle? LumiTea is a great start! 

What is LumiTea

LumiTea is an online destination to purchasing all natural, loose leaf tea for less bloat and more energy. They also are popular for their 30 day detox cleanse which is used to help lose weight and reset immune systems.

LumiTea’s mission is a commitment to creating teas for active people who are looking to improve themselves from the inside and out. They also have an awesome Instagram (@mylumitea) with stories and testimonials on their products, as well as such healthy inspo.

So when LumiTea recently contacted me to try out their products, my first reaction was of course! I was so glad they reached out as they have a mission and vision that I connect with. 

It also didn’t hurt that winter is coming and there is such comfort to be found in a good cup of hot loose leaf tea. 

Why Loose Leaf

Loose leaf tea is definitely a better option than tea bags. There is more potency in flavors, nutrients, and antioxidants from loose leaves than a teabag. Also, when it is brewed, you really smell the difference in a fresh aroma.

Loose leaf can be a little tricker to brew. But LumiTea makes it easier with their infusers, on-the-go insulated tumbler, and straight-forward instructions on making their teas. 

Why Drink LumiTea

Now that fall is here, we can use a little reset and refresher to accompany our still active and healthy lifestyles.

Let’s be honest, when it’s colder there is so much more temptation. Hearty soups, cheesy breads, chocolatey desserts, and saucy pastas are out there. 

That’s why it’s helpful to have a daily reminder of our healthy lifestyles. LumiTea has so many healthy options for different needs. 

It is a guarantee that we find a LumiBlend tea that we need. They offer teas ranging from boosting metabolism in the morning (Rise) to chilling out in the evening (Calm).  

How I Like My LumiTea

Two weeks ago, I purchased the following LumiTea products: their Skinny, Colon, and Boost LumiBlends, along with their infuser and tumbler.  

Currently, I am on Day 12 of their 30 Day detox cleanse that I mentioned earlier is popular. Drinking the Skinny tea once in the morning and the Colon tea every other night, has instantly been a great experience. 

I already feel the difference in my resetting my body and refreshing my mind. I also am noticing less bloat and more energy in the morning when drinking Skinny. 

The Colon blend really has been cleaning out my system and I can visibly see the difference in my acne. Not to be too detailed, I also have more regular bowel movements. 

Another product I had to try is their Boost tea for an afternoon pick-me-up. Don’t we all need a boost of energy around 3 or 4pm, especially in the work day? I have to say, it’s been working. 

The tumbler has been my best friend with needing to be on-the-go for school, work, yoga teacher training, and events. However, there is nothing like winding down at night with the Colon blend in my infuser and mug. 

How To Purchase LumiTea

The juiciest part is that LumiTea is affordable! In hearing all their benefits, we would immediately think it must cost a lot of money. 

Great news is their individual teas range from $20 to $30 and their cleanse is only $50. Even better news is there is a discount I can share! I know we all love a deal đŸ™‚ 

Get 15% off Your LumiTea Purchase with Code “SHANNA” at Checkout

That all being said, I highly recommend LumiTea. I truly believe we all can use easier ways to stay healthy and happy. Tea is a great option in doing so and incorporating into our lifestyles.

If anyone wants to go straight to buying their own tea, you are making such a great addition to your lifestyle. If anyone has any questions about my experience, feel free to comment or reach out đŸ™‚ An update will be posted at the end of my detox.

Now, happy Tea Drinking and making LumiTea your cup of tea! 


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