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Tips to Get and Stay Motivated Part II.

It’s part two of the motivation series for Work it Wednesday! That means there are three more tips to add from last week (if you missed last week, click here to get caught up). 

Staying motivated can be so much easier with friends and apps that we can use. Working out also can be easier when we have more fun, eliminate stress, and stop being so hard on ourselves. The following tips are such a great way to add more motivation.


Working out does not have to feel like a bad omen. When we commit to a fitness journey, it is important to gravitate toward something fun! 

We need to wake up, meet with friends, and download an app that is fun for us. 

Without fun, how can we expect to stick to it? Fun can mean different workouts for different people. 

Our ideas of fun can be very different. Many people might not like my BBG workouts, my style of yoga practice, or my love affair with Soul Cycle. And that is okay! 

Now that we briefly talked about fun, we can also talk about ditching what isn’t. If we find a workout routine or yoga class too boring, we can always change it. 

There is nothing that says we must workout in a certain way on a certain day. When we are not happy working out, that’s when we lose motivation to do it.

We can go ahead and clear our schedules of any activity that we do not want to wake up and do. Then we can pack our schedules with workouts we want to wake up before our alarm to get to or leave work on time to crush. 


Sweating is not only good for the body, but can also be good for the mind. One of the major reasons we have fun working out is because of the endorphins.

With endorphins, the brain receives a signal that makes us feel good when we exercise. That’s why we feel happy when we work out or get “runner’s high”.

Sweating is the perfect remedy to fretting. 

We will be stressed out and just plain pissed off plenty of times. Those are perfect opportunities to hit the pavement, get the bike, or punch the bag. 

When I first started yoga, I was filled with stress and anxiety. Power flows with intense movements and poses guided me into a much happier state. 

The same goes for kickboxing. When I went religiously a few months ago, I never know how much anger I had inside of me until I jabbed and hooked on the bag. 

Guys, sweating out all of our problems and issues can feel so good and can be its own source of therapy. 

If that’s not motivation, I’m not sure what is! 


That all being said, let’s not apply too much pressure on ourselves. Having fun and destressing can mean nothing if we are too harsh on ourselves. 

There will be moments we just cannot make it to the gym due to a head cold. There will be times we just cannot complete a workout because of a muscle strain. There will be days we just cannot travel to a class because of the delayed train. 

When we miss days or miss workouts, it is not the end of the world. We don’t want to sweat ourself beyond our workouts. 

When we do, that’s when we take the fun and the benefits out of it. Yes, it is working out but it should not feel like the wrong kind of work. 

We are working for our bodies, minds, and souls. Let’s focus on that instead of being hard on ourselves when we cannot make it one day. 

Also, there will be times we just don’t want to work out. What do we do? We stick to the plan. Unless there is a legit moment, just do it (Nike style). 

 photo taken by Alexis Mera

photo taken by Alexis Mera

For example, I used to get so down on myself when I didn’t want to workout. I would sweat without even working out yet. 

I would think I am such a lazy and undisciplined person. I would even go so far as saying I am such a bad example of a lifestyle/fitness blogger. 

That’s when I realized that I was just working myself up into not enjoying my next yoga class or gym date. 

Let’s keep the sweating for our workouts, not on ourselves. The pressure we apply to ourselves is not helpful in motivating us, it really can hurt us. 


These three tips are for us to think about as we go through our fitness journeys this week. It’s tough to stay motivated but combining these with last week’s will make it that much easier.  

Let’s have fun, sweat it out, and not sweat ourselves this week 🙂 New tips will be up next week for Work it Wednesday. 


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