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Just Beet It

For many of us, food is a way of bringing us together with our loved ones, our good friends, and our great colleagues. For me, it is quite the same. 

With it being Food Friday now on the blog, I would like to share a place in New York City for a guilt-free lunch or dinner.

The Little Beet is a fairly new restaurant to the city, founded in 2014. They already have six locations, but I recently discovered their NoMad location.

I loved their sign in the front and their messages on the front window. Basically, there were so many reasons on the outside to be curious to see what it was like on the inside. 

I knew I had to invite my friend to go out and eat there. She and I love to explore new healthy food places and girl chat over a guilt-free dinner. So she was game when I let her know about The Little Beet.

When we got there, we immediately walked up front and greeted by a menu with so many yummy choices. It was slightly overwhelming. 

As a vegetarian, I instantly gravitate toward tofu and sweet potatoes. They had both; count me in. My final choice was their plate with tofu, sautéed green beans, and sweet potatoes  (chichimurri sauce on the side).

My friend ordered a sushi burrito, which I didn’t picture, even though I should’ve. It looked delicious! 

It was a wait for the food, but I never complain about waits because that means they are taking time to prepare my food. When the meals were done, it definitely was fresh. 

My tofu was firm, but not too firm. My sweet potato was boiled to perfection. My green bean side was seasoned with just the right amount of garlic. The inside matched how good the food was. 

Plants were everywhere, including our booth. Fresh water with lime and lemon was free next to the utensils. And “it’s all good” was a glowing reminder throughout the meal. 

Our time there, I almost forgot I was in the concrete jungle. Smiles were all around from behind the counter. Each question was answered with enthusiasm. Even the calling of my name was said with such positivity! 

Morale of the story: just beet it. Little Beet is definitely a place to visit for a good lunch or early dinner experience in the city. 


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