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Find Your Beauty

No one is you. No one is the beautiful that you are. 

Remember that when you tear yourself apart. Remember that when you rip yourself apart seam to seam or limb to limb. 

On week three of yoga teacher training, the learning has gone beyond postures, poses, and anatomy. The embracing of self is a lesson in itself. 

The question I am starting to raise to myself is how can I teach others to love their bodies if I do not yet embrace my own? 

Yes, I may take pictures in the middle of New York in a sports bra and tight leggings. Yet, I may not be as confident as I portray. 

We all have places we need to go in terms of embracing our beauty. It is not a physical place, but an emotional place. 

Where is your place? Is it a place where you need to love your stretch marks? Is it a place where you need to embrace your gap teeth? Is it a place where you need to accept your body type?

My personal place is and has always been my skin on my face. I have long had a tough time embracing my acne prone skin that hyper pigments, yet I am learning to work with it and accept that my skin will not be perfect. 

Wherever that place you loathe most about yourself, find it and call it beautiful.

— Shanna Tyler

My yoga teacher, who embodies the full definition of maternal, suggested I do mirror work. I am sharing this because I believe it may help at least one person reading. 

Looking yourself in the mirror and finding your beauty is such a powerful thing. 

We are all so beautiful. We are all so worth it. We are all so beyond what we can imagine or fathom. 

The steps to get there may not be easy. But the first step and the most important step is telling yourself that you are a beauty. 

Because you are just that. You are beautiful. Find it and own it this week. I am on the same journey. 

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