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Tips To Get and Stay Motivated Part I.

 pic via  yogadownload

pic via yogadownload

We all can use tips to get and stay motivated to live a happy and healthy life. Especially as we get into the colder months, it feels so good to eat more and workout less.

But guess what, it is now or never. No season or weather will get in the way of our motivation if we prepare ourselves to get our booties up and workout. 

As we prepare ourselves, we can also try to adopt new ways to embrace a more active lifestyle. What can keep us going are some tips on how we can keep ourselves motivated. 

My plan that I previously announced was to write an e-book but because I have taken a new journey toward yoga teacher training on top of a new part-time job and studying for graduate school, it just cannot happen.

However, because you guys have been wanting some details, I will go ahead and break down the 12 tips I wanted to give you all 🙂 For the next 4 weeks, I will be sharing 3 tips to getting and staying motivated. Let’s talk about about ’em!  


Setting up for success starts at the beginning of each day. Waking up with a set plan gets us ready to go and happier when we get whatever it is we set accomplished. 

Personally, mornings set the tone for the rest of my day. I have many choices to either hit the snooze button, lay in bed and browse Instagram, or make my matcha and head to my gym. When choosing the former, my day looks so different than choosing the latter. 

In order to prepare for workouts in the morning, we can wake up with an already packed gym bag, put on our already laid out gym clothes, and put on our already placed sneakers at the door. 

We also don’t wanna forget to plan to either grab our breakfast out or prepare a to-go breakfast the night before. My favorite being overnight oats or a kale smoothie

Not all of us are morning people, so we can at least wake up with a set intention for the day. The night before, setting a mental or written note for the next day that can includes the gym, meditation, yoga, or whatever it is we need to stay motivated to do. 


Vibes are important; positivity and negativity are contagious. We literally become the people that we surround ourself with. 

When we surround yourself with people who are lazy and complacent, we will be the same. But when we hang out with people who are ambitious and motivated, we will motivated to mimic that. 

Getting and staying motivated to doing something we have always wanted can be as easy as surrounding ourself with the right people. I’ll use myself as an example.

About a year or so ago, I was filled with anxiety, stress, and self-doubt.  Not until I made the choice to combat these crappy vibes did I notice my tribe was full of stressed out, anxious, and insecure people. 

That’s when I began going on a vibe tribe hunt. I reached out to inspirational people, such as the lovely Bernadette, who was already leading the lifestyle I wanted to lead. I also went to book signings, conferences and events that were geared toward my new interests. 

Simply being around others who give off the same vibes you are working toward or already have can make a huge difference. 


This tip is very much so reflective of our times. We are in a generation that cannot live without our smart phones either on our person or in our hands about 24/7. 

Why not download something onto our phones that can help keep us motivated to get up and workout? We hold these phones all day, we might as well put them to some good use.

Personally, I have posted a few favorite fitness apps in the past. Most recently, I use the Sweat with Kayla app only for $10 app for workouts, reminders, and planners sent out to me each week. 

For mindfulness and meditation, I listen to the Mindfulness Daily app, which is great. It can be set up with reminders to pause throughout the day and to start the day off with meditation. 

That being said, finding an app is so advantageous and I really believe it is such a great way to give yourself another way of having a motivation. 

With these three tips, we can be mindful that not only does encouraging ourselves come from ourselves in planning, but it can also be so helpful to depend on others and technology. 

We can wake up ready to go; we can use our friends/inspirations as our vibe tribes; we also can be mobile with our ways of getting and staying motivated for our fitness journeys. 

Stay tuned: more tips are on the way!


FYI- With the new blog comes a new blog post schedule 🙂  

Fitness posts have moved from Tuesdays to Wednesdays; it seems to feel more appropriate to get some motivation on hump day! 

Also stay tuned for Food Fridays, which will be a post about healthy foods, restaurants, recipes, and much more. 

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