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It’s a Lifestyle

The blog is back up!! It’s been a tough week without posting but there were some changes such as a new “yoga” page and a handy side bar. Check them out 🙂 

In my short time away, I attended an event that showed me that fitness and wellness is truly a rewarding lifestyle. 

A few weekends ago, I was invited by Jocelyn, also known under Chic and Sweaty, to attend Shape Active’s #FallintoSHAPE Partner Yoga event this past Thursday, October 13th. 

Shape Active is Shape Magazine’s new activewear line, which I should also mention is offering a contest to win $1,000 worth of their fall lineEnter here for the chance to win; all you need is to enter your email! 

Let me tell you guys, their line was amazing with the prettiest and comfiest fabric I’ve ever worn in activewear. Everyone was also wearing a piece that I wanted to add to my workout gear.

Not only was the line impressive, but also was the event. The event included wearing their awesome line, practicing some yoga in Central Park, and meeting lots of amazing women.

I was floored to be included in the group invited. As a brand, Shape Active showed what they are all about and why they invited us. 

What did we all have in common? We lead lifestyles full of fitness, health, and wellness, as well as love to encourage others to live a healthy and happy lifestyle along with us. 

We are a collective. No matter our different occupations, backgrounds, and hustles, we all had in common was that we believe…

Being healthy and active is not a pit-stop or destination, it is a lifestyle. 

We have a whole lifetime to strive toward being healthier and happier versions of ourselves. And… why not dress for it by winning Shape Active’s  $1,000 giveaway contest? FYI- It ends at October 31st.

P.S. Check out my Instagram to see the Shape Active outfit I wore and posts on the time I had. Have a great week all! 


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