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I’d love to tell you my story. It begins in a dark place. After I graduated with my undergraduate degree in 2013, I felt lost. My life was devoid of passion in my career. I jumped from job to job searching for what would make my heart sing. In 2014, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and hospitalized in a inpatient clinic. I always had a lingering sadness and it was explained throughout my time in hospitalization. Once I was released, I decided to move forward and implement change for the better. That's when I decided to be a life coach, yoga instructor, and active in building a community of women. 

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Are you ready to live your passion? Gurl, I’ll be your coach encouraging and supporting you throughout your journey! Come get some information and even book a free 30 minute discovery call with me! 

Yas gurl, I’m ready!

Yas gurl, I’m ready!


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For upcoming yoga classes and beginner workshops, check out my schedule and come ready for the mat! 

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Let’s get really real! 

From coffee chats with me to interviews with other girlbosses, listen to my really real podcast focused on loving ourselves, nurturing our souls, and living our sports.

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Sunday Souldays

Every day is a brand new start, including Sundays. Let’s start off our Sunday together with some inspiration. I’ll be sending you a weekly quote, blog post, encouraging insight and much more that will nurture your soul. So whatcha waiting for, join below! 




It all started with a hashtag, then became a lifestyle, then became a community. Self Soul Sport is a way of life and a group of girlbosses wrapped in one. 

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